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Conduits & its Fittings

We provide a complete basket of Conduits and its accessories . Quality being our main aspect we can serve you better.

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Quickfit & Elbow Connectors

High quality and equally durable connectors for the Conduits with high sealing performance.

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Nylon Cable Gland/ Spiral Cable Gland


Complete Range of Cable Glands, Spiral Cable Glands,Screw Plugs,etc.

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With four ranges of Conduits in our basket we are competing well ahead with others in the aspect of quality.

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Watertight Connectors for Conduits with IP 68 protection.

Raj Industrial Enterprises Products are Accurate and Reliable

With over 2 decades of experience, Raj Industrial Enterprises today is reckoned as a leading distributor and a recognized name in the Electrical Market, we provide a wide range of products to suit every need of the Electrical Industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Ramesh Kumar who also has over 2 decades of experience in the electrical distribution, Raj Industrial Enterprises since the time of its inception has emerged as a strong distributor and service provider. It has left no stone unturned in tapping opportunities along with those in the industry, by catering to the electrical requirements of other industries including OEM’S, Infrastructure Projects, Rail & Metro Coach Building Projects, Residential Projects etc etc.